Temporary Documents

Documents of the iMAF 2024 and the 62nd IG meeting (20-24 May 2024) in Brasov - available until the 63rd IG meeting

General Documents LoD-specific Documents


 Link for reporting events to ESDC (study year 2024-2025) - plan for co-financing


 Invitation ver_02

 Presentation (as of 14 Feb 2024)

 Agenda (as of 19 May 2024)

 Rooms for LoD-Sessions (as of 15 May 2024)

 Admin Details ver_02


 _2024 05 20 Gell Roman Machado EU_EMILYO at a glance V_03.pdf

 _2024 05 22_23 Gell Agenda Briefing 62nd Meeting Brasov V_04.pdf

 _2024 05 18 Gell CSDP Olympiad 2024 update V_01.pdf

 2024 05 22 Vice Chair for Education BIP ERASMUS Procedure ver_02.pdf



 BG NMU Nomination LoD-4 Chair Hristov 2024 05 16.pdf

 LoD-21 Hybrid Threats invitation_03.pdf

 New Proposal for LoD-21 TtT Hybrid Threats


 LoD-2-8 Brasov 2024 05 23.pdf

 LoD-09 Brasov 2024 05 22.pdf

 LoD-09 Project_template_info 2024 05 23.docx

 LoD-10 Brasov 2024 05 23.pdf

 LoD-10 Brasov 2024 05 23.mp4

 LoD-11 Brasov 2024 05 23.pdf

 LoD-12 Brasov 2024 05 23.pdf

 LoD-13 Brasov 2024.05.23.pdf

 LoD-18 Brasov 2024 05 23.pdf

 LoD-19 Brasov 2024 05 23.pdf

 LoD-20 Brasov 2024 05 22.pdf

Institutions' Presentations & Documents iMAF specific Documents

 BG BAFA IAFS 2024 09 30_12 19 ver_02

 BG NDU Shumen 64th IG meeting.pdf

 BG NMU Veliko Tarnovo International Week 2024.pdf

 BG RNDC Int_l Semester 2024 10 07_2025 02 28.pdf

 CZ UoD Future Agile Club 24 Introduction_Emilyo.pdf

 GR HAFA Presentation 62nd IG IAFS_2024.pdf

 GR HAFA Presentation 62nd_IG_UAS.pdf

 GR HMACSO CM Biosafety & Bioterrorism 2024 03 15.pdf

 HU LUPS Olympiad_2024 ver_02.pdf

 HU LUPS video.mp4

 IT ITNA INS 2024.pdf

 IT SAMS Activities-Hybrid ver_02.pdf

  IT UoT INVITE_presentation_2024-05.pdf

 LT MAL International_Winter_Semester_2024.pdf

 NO NUDC Fiches for BOE Sandberg ver_02.pdf

 PL PAFU Int_l Air Force Week.pdf

 PL PAFU Int_l Air Force Week.mp4

 PL PNA Conference Cultural Heritage

 PL MUT Report on MSSG and HCM 2024.pdf

 RO MTA CERC_2024.pdf

 RO MTA DIMAS project.pdf

 RO NDU CM Budget & Finance 2024.pdf


 Video - iMAFs 2012-2024

iMAF 2024 picture high resolution

iMAF 2024 picture

New iMAF Logo

New iMAF Logo in high resolution

 iMAF 2025 by RNA_RO


 pictures iMAF_IG 62 part_01.zip

 pictures iMAF_IG 62 part_02a.zip

 pictures iMAF_IG 62 part_02b.zip

 pictures iMAF_IG 62 part_03.zip

 pictures iMAF_IG 62 part_04.zip

 pictures iMAF_IG 62 part_05.zip










Cadets' / Midshipmen's Presentations Other Support Documents

 iMAF 2024 template for Cadets_Midshipmen 2024 04 22.pptx

 AT TMA Cadet SUPP.pdf

 GR HAFA Cadet FOUNTAS Greece to Poland.pdf

 GR HAFA Cadet GLAVAS Greece_Portugal.pdf





 SK AFA Cadet MINKO.pdf

 EU ESDC Christoforou Co-Financing ver_02.pdf
Information: The new (2024) ESDC instructions
for financial support are uploaded in the PW-protected area

  Incoming Cadets_Midshipmen_Students 2023_2024.xlsx

  Incoming Instructors and Staff 2023_2024.xlsx

  VIRTUAL Incoming Cadets_Midshipmen_Students 2023_2024.xlsx

  VIRTUAL Incoming Instructors and Staff 2023_2024.xlsx

 2023 11 12 EU Academic Semesters.doc

 2024 01 09 Template for fiches basic officer education.xlsx